Radio Fossil Freedom – a truly fossil-free radio station

How will our society change when we no longer depend on fossil fuels? Radio Fossil Freedom is an attempt at figuring that out.

Our driving experience is not the only thing that will be affected by the decision to leave fossil fuels in the past and enter a more sustainable future. Things that have been a natural part of our everyday lives will be forgotten and other phenomena will take their place.

But it can be difficult to conceive how much our society will transform when we adjust to greener alternatives with lower CO2 emissions. What discussions will dominate the public debate? Will the music sound any different? And what will news broadcasting sound like a generation from now? Radio Fossil Freedom is, in essence, a thought experiment – an attempt to visualise the answers to these questions and inspire others to find the courage to envision what life would be like in a fossil-free future.

On the radio station, the audience can expect to hear everything from news, commentaries, and interviews, to cooking shows and music – just like on any other radio station. Except that Radio Fossil Freedom is transmitted from a society free from fossil fuels.

Radio Fossil Freedom

Radio Fossil Freedom was originally broadcasted from three of InCharge’s power stations in Stockholm, but is now available on Spotify as well.

Woman using headphones

News of tomorrow

What will a news broadcast sound like in a fossil fossi-free future one generation from now? Perhaps like this.

Charged for endless adventures

With InCharge, you can charge your electric powered vehicle at home, work and on the go.

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