Is the climate  challenge  keeping you awake too?

Listen to Super-soothing-climate-progress-engineering-tracks on Spotify. 

Maybe we should start off with the question: Why have we recorded a calming down tape with stories about innovative progress towards a fossil free future? Well, simply because science says it’s a good idea to do so. While it’s important to acknowledge that there is still a lot of work to be done in regard to the climate challenge, our study points to the importance of reminding ourselves of the positive progress that is happening to reach a fossil free living within one generation. Otherwise, we simply risk giving up or at least feel indifferent about it. So, if you are sometimes worried about the climate challenge and it maybe even keeps you awake, tune in to the Super-soothing-climate-progress-engineering-tracks on Spotify.


A woman sits in a train and a wind turbine worker is hanging upside down whispering in her ear

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