Coal sourcing

In the transition to more sustainable consumption, sustainable production and sustainable financial performance, Vattenfall has defined a number of sustainability focus areas where it is striving for continuous improvement. The transformation of our portfolio is one of them.

Following the divestments of our Polish and Danish hard coal assets in previous years, Vattenfall currently operates seven hard-coal fired power plants in Germany and the Netherlands. Vattenfall procures hard coal on the global market for use in our own power plants and for trading purposes.

We constantly strive to improve corporate responsibility in the hard coal supply chain. Vattenfall has implemented a risk screening process for our coal suppliers to make a sound and fact-based decision on whether to buy coal from a supplier or not.
The Due diligence process (PDF 208 kB)

The origin of our hard coal

Vattenfall purchases its hard coal directly from hard coal mining companies, from intermediary suppliers (i.e. companies that are not mine owners) and through trade on the spot market. Alongside reporting on the country origin of the coal, Vattenfall publishes a list of its direct coal suppliers.
The origin of our hard coal (PDF 161 kB)

Sourcing from Colombia

There has been increased public attention on mining companies active in Colombia, namely Drummond and Prodeco. NGOs are calling upon European utilities to disengage from these mining companies. Please find our position on this matter and the existing requirements we have in place for our Colombian suppliers in the following document.
Sourcing from Colombia (PDF 71 kB)


We are also a founding member of Bettercoal. As a common platform for energy utilities, trade unions, NGOs and mining companies, Bettercoal aims to create and implement a globally accepted standard for sourcing coal and strives to drive forward continuous improvement in the coal supply chain, with a focus on mine site level.
Bettercoal (PDF 198 kB)

A human rights risk assessment in Colombia

In March 2017, Vattenfall conducted an on-site enhanced due-diligence to identify possible human rights risks through our coal procurement activities in Colombia. This is the report with our recommendations and plans for next steps:
A human rights risk assessment in Colombia - November 2017 (PDF 2 MB)
In Spanish:  Evaluación de riesgos para los derechos humanos en Colombia – Noviembre 2017 (PDF 2 MB)

We publish bi-annual updates on how we are progressing with our work with Colombian mining companies:

Human Rights Risk Assessment in Colombia – update January 2019 (PDF 157 kB)
In Spanish:  Evaluación de los riesgos relacionados con los derechos humanos en Colombia. Actualización de Enero de 2019  (PDF 151 kB)

Human Rights Risk Assessment in Colombia – update September 2019 (PDF 140 kB)
In Spanish: Evaluación de los riesgos relacionados con los derechos humanos en Colombia – actualización de septiembre de 2019 (PFD 153 kB)

We take criticism concerning issues of the mining business seriously and aim to contribute to continuous improvements in hard coal producing countries in dialogue with all relevant stakeholders. Please, don't hesitate to contact us:

Vattenfall response to letter from PAX and urgewald of 1st March 2016 (PDF 60 kB)
Vattenfall statement on hard coal sourcing from Colombia of 13 May 2016 (PDF 42 kB)

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