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Vattenfall AB
Visiting address: Evenemangsgatan 13C, Solna, Sweden

Postal address: SE-169 92 Stockholm, Sweden
Packages: SE-169 79 Solna, Sweden

Telephone: +46 8 739 50 00
Fax: +46 8 17 85 06

Vattenfall's headquarters

Vattenfall's headquarters are located in Solna.

Vattenfall European Affairs

Rue de la Loi, 223
B-1040 Brussels

Aerial view Brussels

The office of Vattenfall European Affairs is in Brussels.

Vattenfall Sweden

Vattenfall AB
Evenemangsgatan 13
SE-169 79 Solna

+46 8 739 50 00
Corporate contact in Sweden
Customer contact in Sweden

Interior view of the Vattenfall main building in Solna

Interior view of Vattenfall's headquarters.

Vattenfall Denmark

Vattenfall A/S
Jupitervej 6, 2. sal
6000 Kolding

+45 88 27 50 00
Contact Vattenfall in Denmark

Wind turbine at Horns Rev wind farm

Horns Rev 3 in Denmark.

Vattenfall Finland

Vattenfall Oy
Konepajankuja 3 B
FI-00510 Helsinki

+358 20 710 2000
Corporate contact in Finland
Customer contact in Finland

Hietama hydro power plant in Finland

Hietama power station in Finland.

Vattenfall Germany

Vattenfall GmbH
Hildegard-Knef-Platz 2
DE-10829 Berlin

Corporate contact in Germany
Customer contact in Germany

Vattenfall's German head office in Berlin

Our main German office is located in Berlin.

Vattenfall UK

Vattenfall UK
5th Floor
70 St Mary Axe
London EC3A 8BE
United Kingdom

Contact Vattenfall in the United Kingdom

Vattenfall's office at St Mary Axe in London.  Image credit: James Reid

Vattenfall's office at St Mary Axe in London.

Vattenfall Netherlands

Vattenfall NV
Hoekenrode 8
NL - 1102 BR Amsterdam
+31 26 845 02 71

Contact Vattenfall in the Netherlands

Interior of Vattenfall's office in the Netherlands

Vattenfall's Amsterdam office.

Vattenfall France

Vattenfall Energies S.A.
6, avenue de Bruxelles
Les Terrasses des Collines
Parc des Collines II
68350 Didenheim, France

+33 3 89 38 34 00

Vattenfall Logo

Our French office is located in Didenheim.

Vattenfall Poland

Vattenfall IT Services Poland Sp. z o.o.
ul. Gruszczyńskiego 2-4
44-100 Gliwice

+48 32 33 28 501
Contact Vattenfall in Poland

Vattenfall's office in Gliwice, Poland

Our office in Gliwice in southern Poland.

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Close-up of hands holding a mobile phone

Journalists requiring additional information are welcome to contact our press office.

Johan Sahlqvist, Head of Group Control & Investor Relations

Contact details for the main investor relations representatives at Vattenfall.

Closeup of hands typing on a computer keyboard

Whistleblowing allows stakeholders to report irregularities at Vattenfall.