The auditors are elected for a mandate period of one year.

The 2020 Annual General Meeting re-elected the auditing firm Ernst & Young AB as auditor. Authorised Public Accountant Staffan Landén is the auditor-in-charge. 

Staffan Landén has held this position since the 2015 Annual General Meeting and is also the auditor of, among others, Alfa Laval AB, Nederman Holding AB, Ambea AB and Investment AB Latour and is a stock exchange auditor appointed by Nasdaq Stockholm. The auditor has no assignments for companies that affect its independence as an auditor of Vattenfall.

The auditor’s audit assignment includes a review of the annual report, the consolidated accounts, the corporate governance report, the sustainability reporting and the compliance with the guidelines for remuneration of senior executives.

The Swedish state’s ownership policy states that the owner is responsible for the election of auditors and that the auditors are to be appointed by the Annual General Meeting. Proposals for election of auditors and for auditors’ fees are submitted by the Board and drafted by the company. The auditors are elected for a mandate period of one year, in accordance with the main rule in the Swedish Companies Act. Vattenfall’s Articles of Association stipulate that the company shall have one or two auditors with or without one or two deputy auditors, or a chartered auditing firm as auditor.
Swedish state's ownership policy

Auditing costs

The Group's auditing costs are described in more detail in the Annual and sustainability report.

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