Shareholder and shareholder's meeting

The shareholder's right to make decisions about Vattenfall's affairs is exercised at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and other general meetings.
Annual General Meeting 2019. Anne Gynnerstedt, Magnus Hall, Lars G Nordström and Karin Lepasoon.

Annual General Meeting 2019. Axel Calissendorff, member of the Swedish Bar Association, Anne Gynnerstedt, Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary to the Board of Directors, Magnus Hall, President and CEO, Lars G Nordström, Chairman of the Board and Karin Lepasoon, Senior Vice President, Group Communications.

Vattenfall AB is wholly owned by the Swedish state. Through a general meeting resolution on the content of the Articles of Association, the shareholder (the owner) makes decisions on the company’s operations. The Swedish state’s ownership policy and the guidelines for external reporting in state-owned companies are decided on at the General Meeting. In accordance with the Swedish state’s ownership policy, the company’s financial targets are also decided on by a general meeting.

By law, the AGM of Vattenfall AB is to be held yearly within six months after the end of the financial year and not later than 30 April in accordance with the Swedish state’s ownership policy.

Further information on the AGM is found in the Corporate Governance Report.
Corporate Governance Report (PDF 606 kB)

Next Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting 2020 will be held at the Head office, Evenemangsgatan 13, Solna, Sweden, on 28 April at 09.00 am. The notice to attend and further information will be published 4-6 weeks prior to the meeting.

The latest Annual General Meeting

Vattenfall's AGM 2019 was held on 11 April at Vattenfall’s Head Office in Solna. The AGM was open to the public.

View a webcast from the Annual General Meeting (in Swedish)
Minutes from the Annual General Meeting 2019 (PDF 2 MB)
Chairman’s and CEO’s statement 2019 (PDF 61 kB)

Minutes and presentations from previous Annual General Meetings are available in the corporate governance archive.

Please note that the translations are for convenience only. The Swedish documents are the originals and can be found on

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