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D&I strategy

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Vattenfall’s Diversity & Inclusion Strategy is founded on the following three pillars:

1. Diversity & inclusion in everything we do

By working according to our principles: Open, Active, Positive and Safety we will be more diverse and inclusive. Embedded in our culture, reflected in our processes and reinforced by our Code of conduct for employees, suppliers and partners - diversity and inclusion is integral to how we do things.

Our initiatives include training and events to build awareness; e-learnings and group workshops to sustain behavioural change; evaluation and development of our recruitment and HR processes, business planning implementation, benchmarking and accreditation.

Read about examples and more under Awareness and learning and Partners and focus areas.

2. Think broadly and drive all dimensions of diversity

Vattenfall has a history of working to create greater gender diversity with the number of female employees and managers having grown steadily over the years. However, diversity is multi-faceted and encompasses much more than gender. We strive in our efforts to think broadly and promote all dimensions of diversity.

Measuring gender has helped us understand where in the organisation we need to better promote gender diversity, as well as what is needed to attract and retain women. Measuring helps us set targets and know when we’re successful.

Just as measuring gender helps us drive gender diversity, so would measuring other dimensions help broaden our scope.

Read about examples and more under Awareness and learning and Partners and focus areas.

3. Everyone is included in driving diversity and inclusion, our managers lead the way

Each and every one of us has a role to play and can make a difference. At Vattenfall we believe that it is our managers who lead the way.

Our work is led by a dedicated D&I Officer, on a two-year rotation among members of the Executive Group Management (EGM), in addition to their existing role. While all members of the EGM drive D&I, this appointment allows our top executives the opportunity to deep dive into the work, taking responsibility for the direction and focus as well as representing Vattenfall internally and externally in D&I matters.

Our business areas conduct annual D&I status analyses which form the basis of their D&I action plans. Included in the annual business plan the status of D&I is reported quarterly.

Tools are available to support managers in leading the work towards greater diversity and inclusion and their commitment is measured in the annual employee engagement survey.

Diverse Energy Networks in each country are made up of engaged employees dedicated to driving D&I. They organise a variety of events and drive change in line with the strategy and according to local needs and interests. Employees also participate in regular training and have various forums for giving feedback and contributing to the advancement of D&I in Vattenfall.

Research shows that well managed heterogeneous teams outperform well managed homogeneous teams. Our efforts are focused on the important role that our leaders play in achieving a more diverse and inclusive organisation.

Measuring our progress

Measuring helps us set targets and know when we’re successful.

Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Benchmarks (GDEIB)

Vattenfall’s overall D&I maturity is measured according to the GDEIB; a systemic and structural approach to understanding what success looks like, based on 15 categories. It outlines how to create long term positive outcomes, implementing D&I systemically and showing improved result.

Used throughout the organisation this holistic, global framework helps identify gaps, guide our strategic action planning and measure our progress.  


Learn more about the benchmarks

The Workplace Pride Benchmark

The Workplace Pride Benchmark gives organisations an annual, individual, custom-made overview of their LGBTIQ+ policies and practices. Based on the results specific measures are proposed on how to improve LGBTIQ+ policies and activities to better support LGBTIQ+ employees.

Vattenfall group participated for the first time in 2021 receiving an overall rating slightly above the median of 45 participating organisations. Clear strengths included Vattenfall’s employee networks with areas of improvement being the need for better support for employees coming out, better inclusion of rainbow families and strengthening allyship.  


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Our key performance indicators (KPIs)

Vattenfall has three groupwide measures of progress.

Female manager hires

2018 24 %
2019 26 %
2020 27 %
2021 30 %
2022 30 %
2023 32 %

% female managers. 

This target on the percentage of new hires who are women is a scorecard Key Performance Indicator (KPI) which is measured quarterly.

The active target has resulted in the overall number of female managers growing steadily over the years with a spin off effect of increasing the total number of female employees.

Diversity & Inclusion index

2021 78 %
2022 84 %
2023 88 %

% of Vattenfall employees who believe management is driving D&I.

Introduced in 2020 to the My Opinion employee survey, the index is a measure of the extent to which employees believe their managers are driving D&I.


My Opinion, employee survey

2021 84 %
2022 86 %
2023 88 %

% of Vattenfall employees who feel positively about D&I in the workplace.

Our annual employee engagement survey contains questions specifically related to diversity and inclusion and offers the opportunity to anonymously share thoughts.

The results show that employees support the D&I work and see Vattenfall as fair, egalitarian and inclusive.

By asking more – voluntary and anonymous – demographic questions, which allow employees to self-describe, we would get a deeper understanding of minorities, marginalised and underrepresented groups.

As diversity grows there can be a lag in how inclusive the culture is. We also take into consideration that as awareness about diversity and inclusion increases, our employees may become more critical, which may also influence the results.


Leading with head and heart, we from the Diversity & Inclusion Office are making sure D&I is part of everything that we do at Vattenfall, embedding it into all systems and processes. We will think more broadly in order to include everyone and all dimensions of diversity. Apart from making employees feel valued and safe at work, including diverse perspectives unleashes innovative potential, which results in better business decisions. This is our shared future, and we are determined to deliver that reality for all of our people.

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