Fossil free living within one generation is at the core of our values.

Vattenfall’s sponsorships are a vital part of our focus on creating added value and unforgettable experiences for everyone coming into contact with us.

Fossil free living within one generation is at the core of our values, and the brand experiences we are creating always has the climate as a first priority.

Long-term engagement and responsibility are two important elements in our sponsoring and brand experience initiatives, as well as conveying our message of a climate smarter future and our goal of being fossil free within one generation.

We are engaged in a range of projects, which are scalable across all Vattenfall markets and are applicable on a local level, such as sponsoring skiing events and sponsoring a solar car.

Reducing climate impact

Together with Vattenfall, Ski Team Sweden Alpine has initiated a project to cut their climate impact in half by 2022.

Ski sponsoring

Winter and winter sports have a distinct connection with Vattenfall's historical heritage in Sweden. We have been engaged in ski sports since 1994, when we became a sponsor of the Swedish Ski Association. Our partnership has developed further and we are now the Swedish Ski Association's Smart Energy Partner, helping them reduce their CO2 emissions. At the Alpine World Ski Championships in Åre 2019, we contributed by setting new standards for climate smart sports events. We continued this work during Ski Tour 2020, where we delivered climate smart solutions. Together with all the sponsors involved, we contributed in making the tour sustainable. Ski Tour 2020 was a joint partnership between the Swedish and Norwegian Ski Associations for cross country skiing.

We know that many of our customers and employees are interested in ski sports, so our significant commitment to skiing is an excellent opportunity for us to engage with that passion. Through our sponsorships we support established ski athletes as well as children and young talents starting their ski careers.

Ski Tour 2020

Vattenfall was Smart Energy Partner to Ski Tour 2020 and Official climate coach to Ski Team Sweden.

Principal sponsor of the Vattenfall solar team

The Vattenfall solar team has a mission: to show the world the possibilities of sustainable energy and technological innovation by winning solar powered races. All team members are students from the Delft University of Technology who have taken a study break to focus on producing a solar car. Since 2001, they have competed in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge ten times, lifting the trophy seven times. The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is a race taking place every second year across Australia from Darwin to Adelaide; the race is open to cars powered by solar energy only. 

The new Vattenfall Solar Team is preparing the next race. Photo: Jorrit Lousberg

Urban gardening

Every year, thousands of people move to Berlin. Residential construction is booming causing more and more green areas to vanish. To help the city face the challenges of a growing city and contribute to a greener Berlin, Vattenfall opened its first community garden in the centre in June 2016 and invited all residents to come and plant the garden together. This was the starting point of our long-term initiative “Pflanz was!” (Plant Something!). The gardens are open to everyone: between April and October all residents of Berlin are invited to spend time there and enjoy gardening.

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