The Vattenfall Solar Team

Vattenfall is the proud main sponsor of the Vattenfall Solar Team.

The biggest solar challenge in the world

Every two years, the world's biggest solar race is held in Australia: the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge brings over 40 student teams from across the world with their own purpose-built solar cars to the starting line. The students from the Vattenfall Solar Team have been top-class solar car experts for many years now. Since 2001, they have competed in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge nine times, lifting the trophy seven times. In doing so, the team shows time and again that fossil-free living within one generation is possible.

About the solar race

This year the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge takes place from 13 – 20 October. The race goes from Darwin on Australia’s north coast to Adelaide, 3,000 kilometres further south.

Solar car NunaX

The Vattenfall Solar Team will appear at the start of the race in Australia with the NunaX. This tenth car made by TU Delft students is not only smaller, lighter and more efficient, but also has a secret weapon: the car is built in such a way that the wind provides extra speed. The Vattenfall Solar Team hopes to win the world title with their NunaX for the eighth time during the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia.

Vattenfall's solar car NunaX

3,000 kilometres through the Australian outback powered by solar energy only: It's possible.


Watch the video about NunaX, Vattenfall's tenth Solar Car: Fossil free racing with solar and wind power.

Infographic – solar car NunaX

Read more about Vattenfall's solar car NunaX.

More about solar cars

Students are aiming for their eighth world title with the innovative NunaX.

The three drivers: Tom Salden, Maxime Croft and Max van der Waals

The Vattenfall Solar Team today announced the three drivers who will take the wheel of the...

President and CEO Magnus Hall changes the logo on the solar car.
Press release

Vattenfall new main sponsor of the world leading solar car team from the Netherlands

Vattenfall has signed a sponsorship deal with the Dutch solar car racing team from Delft U...

Press release

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