The Vattenfall Solar Team

Vattenfall has been the main sponsor of the Vattenfall Solar Team for 20 years.

A group of ambitious students from the TU in Delft in The Netherlands, designs and builds a new solar powered racing car every year: the Nuna. As Vattenfall Solar Team, the students participate in the largest solar races in the world, where they drive thousands of kilometers, purely on the power of the sun. The combination of technology, sustainable energy and excitement of the races perfectly reflects the vision of the Vattenfall Solar Team: pushing technical boundaries and inspiring others to a sustainable future, in which we use energy in the most efficient way. A vision that fits well with Vattenfall's ambition to make fossil free living possible within one generation.

The new Vattenfall Solar Team is preparing the next race. Photo: Jorrit Lousberg

Nuna Phoenix

The new team faces an exciting assignment. During the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2019 in Australia, the solar car NunaX was destroyed by flames, with 300 kilometers to go and a first place in the rankings. Fortunately, the driver was able to leave the solar car on time. This event brought an unexpected end to the dream of the Delft students. This year the students have to build a new car in record time, with which the team wants to rise from the ashes. The solar car will therefore be named Nuna Phoenix this year.

Nuna goes USA

The American Solar Challenge takes place from 18th to 25th July 2020, a biennial solar race in the United States. It is already the 30th edition of this challenging race and the Vattenfall Solar Team will participate for the first time. The solar race follows the historic Oregon trail and runs from Independence, Missouri to Boise, Idaho. The route also leads through the Rocky Mountains. A challenging route through mountains, cities, bare plains, winding roads and varied weather conditions. For the entire team a new impulse and the perfect opportunity to prove itself again after the fire.

Safest Nuna ever

The rules that participating solar cars must comply with are strict, particularly with regard to safety. For example, the solar car will be equipped with a metal roll cage. There is also a mandatory active battery protection system, which ensures that the battery switches off automatically when deviating values are measured.

Twenty years of innovation

The solar cars of the Vattenfall Solar Team have been pushing the boundaries of technology for twenty years. The Vattenfall Solar Team is building a car that can travel thousands of miles without using a single drop of fuel - and we have not finished innovating! In this way we support the transition to fossil free transport.


The Vattenfall Solar Team over the years.

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