Investment plan

Vattenfall continues to invest heavily in growth with a clear focus on renewable production, enabled by our successful efforts to reduce costs and achieve a stable capital structure.

Total investments in 2020 and 2021 are planned to SEK 58 billion, with growth investments accounting for almost 62% (SEK 35 billion). The investment strategy reflects our commitment to drive the transition to a fossil-free society.

Growth investments

Around SEK 25 billion of investments are planned for new wind farms, of which approximately SEK 17 billion are dedicated to offshore wind. SEK 9 billion pertains to the Kriegers Flak (605 MW) offshore wind project. The plan also includes expenditures formajor offshore projects that are planned to be completed further ahead in time, such as Hollandse Kust Zuid 1–4 (1,500 MW) in the Netherlands and Vesterhav Syd and Nord (350 MW) in Denmark. The biggest onshore projects are South Kyle (212 MW) in the UK and Wieringermeer (180 MW) and Wieringermeer Extension (118 MW) in the Netherlands.

Vattenfall is also investing around SEK 0.5 billion in solar and battery projects, including a major renewable energy park in Haringvliet, combining onshore wind (22 MW), large-scale solar (38 MW) and battery storage (12 MW). In addition, almost SEK 3 billion of investments will be made in new energy solutions – mainly distribution network solutions, decentralised heat solutions and e-mobility. New businesses also include initiatives like HYBRIT, a joint cooperation with SSAB and LKAB with the aim of developing a fossil-free steel manufacturing process.

Maintenance and replacement

Besides these growth activities, Vattenfall is planning significant investments in maintenance and replacement of the existing assets, amounting to around SEK 22 billion in 2020 and 2021. We are modernising the heat portfolio in line with our strategy to be fossil free within one generation. This comprises major replacements of heat assets, such as a new biofuelled combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Uppsala (112 MW heat) and a new gas-fired combined heat and power plant in Berlin Marzahn (260 MW electricity).

Vattenfall continues to invest in the electricity networks in Sweden and Berlin to secure the quality of supply and reinforce the network (SEK 9 billion included in maintenance and replacement investments). Further, we are securing the safe operation of our Swedish nuclear and hydro power plants (SEK 5 billion included in maintenance and replacement investments) by completing nuclear safety measures at Ringhals and Forsmark and upgrading our hydro power plants to maintain availability and dam safety.

Total capex and growth capex, for details see attached excel file

Details in the pie charts above (XLSX  10 kB)

Major investment projects – decided on and in progress

Project Country Type Capacity Completion
Kriegers Flak Denmark Wind, offshore 605 MW 2022
Wieringermeer The Netherlands Wind, onshore 180 MW 2020
Wieringermeer Extension The Netherlands  Wind, onshore 118 MW 2020
Moerdijk The Netherlands  Wind, onshore 27 MW 2021
Haringvliet Renewable Park The Netherlands  Wind onshore, solar, battery 72 MW 2020
Marzahn CHP Germany Gas 260 MWel 2020
Replacement Reuter C Germany Gas/electricity 240 MWth 2020
Uppsala Carpe Futurum Sweden Biofuel 112 MWth 2022
Amsterdam South Connection The Netherlands  Heat network n/a

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