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Blog Post from Ruari Lean, Project Manager for Norfolk Vanguard

Will Vattenfall’s decision to reserve space at Gt Yarmouth harbour for its two major offshore wind farms boost Norfolk’s economy? Ruari Lean, project manager for Norfolk Vanguard picks this up in a blog, published as Vattenfall and its partner Peel Ports Gt Yarmouth reveals news of their agreement.

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Offshore wind confidence booster for Norfolk as energy company plans Great Yarmouth home. Read the press release here.

There are lots of reasons to build an offshore wind farm in UK waters. Reducing carbon emissions. Generating homegrown affordable power. Inspiring young people. And helping a region’s economy.

We know from our experience in building and operating our Kent cluster of wind farms that the economy in Ramsgate and around the Isle of Thanet have seen a telling beneficial impact on the Garden County’s economy. You just need to see in Ramsgate Harbour the dozens of service vessels operating for us and other wind farms off the Kent coast to know that this is a major income generator for local businesses.

After coming forward with plans for our 1.8GW Norfolk Vanguard offshore wind farm last year, we sought out the local supply chain earlier this year and we continue to do so with workshops and events. We were told by local firms that the investment in Norfolk Vanguard and the 1.8GW Norfolk Boreas – two wind farms together capable of meeting around 10% of UK household demand -  would boost the economy in Norfolk.

We hope that today’s news that we have signed an agreement to reserve space for our operations base in Great Yarmouth harbour with Peel Ports is a real confidence booster for the local supply chain. [hyperlink to news story]

Earlier this week, Martin Whitmarsh, the former McLaren Formula One boss asked by the Offshore Wind Industry Council to undertake a supply chain review, urged firms to gear up for the £30bn investment that the UK industry will make by 2030. He added that the domestic and export market for offshore wind products and services provided by UK-based firms is expected to be worth £4.9bn a year by 2030.

Our Norfolk projects can be in that mix if we get consent from the UK Government. It’s clear from the support we have received from Norfolk County Council, Great Yarmouth Borough Council, the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership, East of England Energy Group and the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce that they can see the economic benefit to the region if we get the go-ahead. That looks like a formidable line-up to me. Whilst I hope local business will get a confidence boost from our announcement, with support from important stakeholders like these, my confidence is also boosted that, if given the chance, Vattenfall and partners will deliver for Norfolk’s economy.

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