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Vattenfall UK reports on gender pay gap

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Vattenfall UK’s first ever Gender Pay Gap Report shows results that are significantly better in comparison with other industry leading companies and the national average.

The report shows that Vattenfall UK's strong performance in promoting women into senior roles has made a positive difference, with 57%¹ of senior leadership roles held by women.

The report has however, highlighted the ongoing shortage of females working in STEM jobs, with role specific factors that impact the sector’s work to tackle the pay gap. This is particularly where men are earning additional allowances compared to women with work that includes call out, shift working, and offshore allowances. Only 3%² of this part of the workforce at Vattenfall UK are female.

Figures provided by the Office for National statistics and data submitted by major energy sector companies, show that the challenge of encouraging women into STEM is an industry wide issue, with women working for large energy companies in the UK paid approximately 19%³ less per hour than men.

In the UK, Vattenfall is made up of Vattenfall Wind Power Ltd, Vattenfall Heat Ltd and Vattenfall Networks Ltd. Only Vattenfall Wind Power Ltd is legally required to report Gender Pay Gap statistics to the UK Government since reaching over 250 employees. With diversity and gender equality being an important commitment, Vattenfall has gone one step beyond and pulled together statistics for all of Vattenfall's Business Areas within the UK.

Vattenfall is committed to an open culture, embedding diversity and inclusion within everyday operations. Vattenfall acted on this commitment in 2018 by becoming a member of the international Equal by 30 initiative. Equal by 30 have made a commitment to work towards equal pay, equal opportunities and equal leadership in the clean energy sector by 2030.

Claudette Monaghan, Vice President of HR for Staff Functions at Vattenfall said:

“Vattenfall is proud to be part of Equal by 30 and of the continued commitment by our businesses in the UK to being a diverse and inclusive employer. Our aim is to promote an environment where all of our employees are paid fairly for their contribution to the success of our business and our mission enable fossil free living."

Danielle Lane, Vattenfall's UK Country Manager said:

"At Vattenfall we see the importance of attracting women into roles within the energy sector. A diverse and skilled workforce can bring new viewpoints and challenge the way things are done.

"We are making progress, but to enable us to continue our journey to a fossil free future, we need to build on our diverse and skilled workforce. We look forward to continuing this important work.”



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UK Government Gender Pay Gap Data

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