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Vattenfall achieves Gold Standard for Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Vattenfall is delighted to receive nationally recognised certification which acknowledges our commitment to achieving and sustaining diversity in our workplace and everything we do.  Vattenfall achieved over 90%, Gold Standard, Committed to Equality certification which is a National Equality Standard that demonstrates our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion in the UK.

The C2E Diversity Assured Accreditation has been awarded after an equality audit was carried out across Vattenfall’s UK businesses. The audit included examining, on a test basis, evidence supporting Vattenfall’s Equality Policies and Practices. The audit assessed the principles applied by management as well as recognising how well known the policies and practices are amongst employees.

Danielle Lane, Vattenfall’s UK Country Manager said: “Vattenfall recognises the importance of diversity, equality and inclusion and is committed to ensuring that our organisation offers equal opportunities throughout our workforce in the UK.  Congratulations to my colleagues for all of their hard work in achieving this certification.

Jay Chowdhury, Vattenfall’s Head of UK HR Operations said: “At Vattenfall we know and understand the importance of being powered by diversity, equality and inclusion; to us it means an open culture that we have committed to building and valuing our differences. I am proud to be celebrating with my colleagues in the UK our ways of working.  Congratulations to all, for their contribution in achieving this accreditation.”

Dee Stevenson, Vattenfall’s Associate Commercial Manager, who instigated the certification, said: “I am thrilled that we have achieved this certification and I am so proud to work for a company who takes D&I so seriously. I am looking forward to working with management to implement the improvements recommended in the audit findings so that we can strive together to become a truly inclusive organisation.

Over the next year Vattenfall’s UK business will implement the recommendations made in the audit report in preparation for a follow up review in 2020. The C2E Equality Standard actions for business reflect the requirements within the Equality Act 2010.


Vattenfall Diversity and Inclusion

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