Kentish Flats Offshore Wind Farm

Vattenfall's response to the ruling in the Norfolk Vanguard Judicial Review

Responding to the ruling in the Norfolk Vanguard Judicial Review, Danielle Lane, Vattenfall Head of Market Development Offshore and UK Country Manager said:

“This is a very disappointing outcome, but it relates to the process for granting consent and is not about the merits of our world class Norfolk Vanguard project.

“Planning consent was awarded in July 2020 after Vattenfall fulfilled all the requirements placed on developers. It’s vital that the Government now acts to redetermine consent, with regard to the judge's ruling, as quickly as possible. That way we can continue to invest in the region and remain on track to begin generating low cost, renewable electricity by the late 2020s. 

“With the expansion in offshore wind that’s required for the UK to reach net zero by 2050, the planning process needs to be able to address and resolve issues much sooner and avoid the uncertainty about whether projects will proceed even after they have planning approval.” 

Danielle Lane, UK Country Manager for Vattenfall

Danielle Lane, UK Country Manager for Vattenfall

Key facts

First power expected: Mid 2020s
Installed capacity: 1.8GW
Homes powered equivalent per annum: 1.95 million*
Amount of C02 saved: 3 million tonnes per year*
Equivalent cars removed: 1.6 million
Geographical scale of offshore site area: 865km2
Distance of the nearest turbine from the shore: 47km
Landfall location: Happisburgh, Norfolk
Length of cabling onshore: 60km
Grid infrastructure: Innovative and coordinated for both Norfolk Vanguard and Boreas. Designed to reduce: construction time, local disruption, environmental impact and cost to the UK energy user.
Number of turbines: Between 90 and 156
Height of turbines to tip: Up to 350 metres
Individual turbine capacity: Confirmed when a turbine supplier is selected
Comparison to other large infrastructure: Hinkley Point C will be up to 2.4GW and Sizewell B is 1.198GW


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