Electrification of transportation

The electrification of transportation is transforming our future.

Electrification and e-mobility solutions are key enablers for reducing CO2 emissions

At Vattenfall, we are committed to electrifying society as a way to help turn the tide on climate change. Electrification will be a key enabler for reducing CO2 emissions for businesses, industries, customers and society at large, enabling fossil fuels to be replaced by fossil-free energy. It’s happening across all areas, with focus on the areas where we can achieve the greatest benefits.

Transportation accounts for roughly one third of the world's energy consumption. This makes the transportation sector central to the realisation of a more sustainable energy system.

Ways to turn the tide

Vattenfall expects that e-mobility will play a key role in solving many of the challenges we face today with regard to energy use and urbanisation. Easily accessible charging infrastructure is a prerequisite for the transition to electric vehicles.

Electric vehicle charging infrastructure

The expansion of charging station infrastructure is important in order to meet the growing need of electrical charging. Vattenfall is involved in several projects to make this happen, by re-selling of and investing in public – and fast charging charge points. At the fast-charging points, an EV battery can be charged from 0% to 80% in approximately 20 minutes. 

In Sweden, Vattenfall is building, by ourselves and together with partners, public and fast-charging stations at strategic locations all over in the country. In the Netherlands, Vattenfall operates around 6,800 public electric vehicle charging points in Amsterdam and several other cities.  In Germany we are investing in the build out of the public fast charging network. But we are also present in northern Norway. We are constantly discussing with companies, cities and municipalities to help develop a sustainable charging infrastructure.

Almost 300,000 EV drivers have already used InCharge charging stations on all our markets and 2.5 million charge sessions per year clearly shows that electrical driving and charging is becoming the new normal. Vattenfall also offers simple and smart charging boxes for electric car owners, organisations and companies who want to offer electric vehicle charging to employees, tenants and visitors. Altogether, Vattenfall operates around 30,000 charging points in Northern Europe.

In the coming decades, Vattenfall will not only invest billions in new fossil-free electricity production, but also has the ambition to operate twenty-five times more charging points for electric vehicles by 2030 than in 2020. That will be a total of half a million units.

InCharge and other partnerships

Vattenfall develops and offers charging solutions for electric cars, buses and trucks. Together with our partners we have built one of Europe's largest charging networks, InCharge. InCharge is established in Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands, with further markets to be added. Vattenfall is also taking part in initiatives, including the eRoadArlanda pilot project in Sweden, to develop e-roads for electric trucks and other electric vehicles. E-roads will enable vehicles to be charged as they drive along them.

Why we created InCharge

A sustainable future needs sustainable transport. That’s why we created InCharge, a network of charging stations for electric cars.

E-mobility initiatives

E-mobility initiatives to facilitate the use of electric cars and vehicles.

News and press releases

Woman charging an electric car

Vattenfall and NH Hotel Group: Cooperation on growing charging infrastructure for E-mobility

Vattenfall InCharge and the NH Hotel Group have agreed on a cooperation to set up and operate public fast-charging stations at almost 50 hotel locations all over Germany.

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Fabian Hagmann

New head of E-mobility at Vattenfall

Fabian Hagmann has been appointed new Vice President for Vattenfall’s international e-mobility unit. Vattenfall is a leading operator of charge points for electric vehicles in the Netherland...

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Vattenfall has delivered 32 fast chargers to Tide Bus in Denmark's fifth largest city, Vejle

Vattenfall in premiere project with fast chargers for Danish city buses

Vattenfall has delivered 32 fast chargers to Tide Bus in Denmark's fifth largest city, Vejle. The delivery is Vattenfall's first Power-as-a-Service project for passenger transport in Denmark...

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Markus Buntz, CEO of Bünting Group, and Alfred Hoffmann, Vattenfall Director Sales Operations E-Mobility Germany

Vattenfall and Bünting in new partnership for charging infrastructure

Car parks in connection to the retail chains famila and Combi in Germany, will be equipped with 200 fast-charging stations from Vattenfall InCharge for electric vehicles.

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Electric truck ca. 1910. Source: Bewag archives
Source: Bewag archives

After more than 100 years: Electric cars are on the rise again

No fumes, noise or ugly petrol stations, but quiet, clean cars powered by renewable energy instead of fossil fuels. Perhaps this seems like an image from a future to be, but we have already ...

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Vattenfall and CAKE reveal hidden CO2 sources when producing an electric motorcycle

Leading European energy company Vattenfall and CAKE, producer of electric motorcycles, build climate awareness by defining the carbon footprint with a cube.

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Speeding up the transition to a sustainable future

This year we invited people with different backgrounds to share their views on some of the big topics from our Annual and sustainability report 2021.

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