Supplier relations

Vattenfall's suppliers are vital to the success of our business.

Vattenfall's vision is to be among the leaders in developing environmentally sustainable energy solutions. This can be achieved through efficient operations across the Group. For Vattenfall, this means being the partner of choice for our suppliers while at the same time working together in line with our vision and targets. Our aim is to deliver value to our customers, using responsible procurement practices. Vattenfall's suppliers are important stakeholders and vital to the success of our business.

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Vattenfall's suppliers are important stakeholders and vital to the success of our business.

Every year Vattenfall spends significant sums on procuring goods and services to support our business activities. The broad spectrum of goods and services procured ranges from fuel for our generation units to outsourced works and services, and from large-scale investments in turbines to office consumables and IT solutions. Our suppliers are part of the entire value chain of our operations.

Sustainable and trustful relationships

Adhering to the UN Global Compact and applying its fundamental principles in the areas of human rights, working conditions, the environment and the fight against corruption, is one way for us to demonstrate our responsibility throughout the entire value chain of our operations, including our suppliers.

Our Code of Conduct for Suppliers is based on the UN Global Compact principles which we ask our suppliers to comply with. The Code of Conduct for Suppliers should work as a platform to secure the right behaviour for sustainable and trustful relationships between Vattenfall and its suppliers.

The purpose of the Code of Conduct for Suppliers is to create awareness and to influence suppliers to achieve improvements in sustainability, and for them, in turn, to influence their own suppliers.

Vattenfall's EU tenders can be found on TED (Tenders Electronic Daily).

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