Remuneration guidelines

Here, you will find Vattenfall's compensation guidelines, including directors' fees and compensation of senior executives, as decided by the shareholder at the Annual General Meeting.

Directors’ fees

Directors’ fees and fees for committee work are set by the Annual General Meeting, based on the state’s ownership policy.

The Annual General Meeting 2019 decided that, for the period until the end of the next Annual General Meeting, the Chairman of the Board receives a fee of SEK 790 000 and other Directors elected at the Annual General Meeting receive a fee of SEK 370 000 per Director.

For the work in the Audit Committee, the Chairman receives a fee of SEK 99 000 and the Directors receive a fee of SEK 75 000 per Director.

For the work in the Remuneration Committee, the Chairman receives a fee of SEK 60 000 and the Directors receive a fee of SEK 45 000 per Director.

No fee is received by Directors employed at the government offices or to employee representatives.

Remuneration of senior executives

Vattenfall AB applies the Swedish Government Offices' guidelines for remuneration and other terms of employment for senior executives in state-owned companies. These guidelines form part of the Swedish state's ownership policy.
Swedish State’s ownership policy

At the 2019 AGM, the owner in line with previous years approved Vattenfall’s application of the guidelines with one deviation. This deviation means that instead of the definition of senior executive in the Swedish Companies Act, senior executives shall be defined on the basis of whether they have a significant impact on the Group’s earnings, through use of the International Position Evaluation (IPE) model. Managers with positions of IPE 68 and higher are to be considered as senior executives. The Board’s explanation for this deviation is stated in the 2018 Annual and Sustainability Report, on page 84.

Vattenfall does not pay any variable compensation to senior executives.

Directors’ fees as well as remuneration for the CEO and other senior executives, and compliance with the guidelines set by the 2018 and 2019 Annual General Meetings are described in more detail in the Annual and Sustainability Report, Note 42 to the consolidated accounts.
Annual and Sustainability Report 2019 (PDF 8 MB)

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