Position papers

Vattenfall's position papers explain our opinion on various energy and climate issues.

We believe that:

  • A high price on carbon is needed to drive the transition away from fossil fuels, and we support the polluter pays principle to give the right incentives to energy consumers and investors. The EU ETS is, and should remain, the main driver for this transition.
  • Market-based solutions should be used to drive the energy transition at the lowest cost. Additional support and regulation may be needed in the early phases of technology development.
  • Public engagement and participation in the energy transition are essential.
  • Regulatory frameworks promoting the electrification of societies and industries are the main drivers for decarbonisation.
  • Electricity grids are key enablers for the electrification of all sectors. A healthy investment climate is essential.

Further details on Vattenfall’s views are available in our position papers below.

Position papers

Here you can find Vattenfall’s group position papers and responses to consultations within some topics.

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