Position papers

Vattenfall's position papers reflect our opinion on various energy and climate topics.

We believe that:

  • Electrification is fundamental to achieving the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. Therefore, we support a healthy investment environment and regulatory frameworks that promote electrification technologies.
  • A mix of different fossil-free technologies is vital for a secure and stable energy supply.
  • Increased security of Europe’s energy infrastructure, both digitally and physically, is necessary to ensure that all citizens in Europe have a safe and consistent supply of energy.
  • Public engagement and participation are essential to facilitate a fair and fast energy transition.
  • Innovation is integral to the energy transition. This is why we support legislation that enables the acceleration of key fossil-free solutions, and why we collaborate with innovators in hard-to-abate sectors.
  • Market-orientated solutions and a high price on carbon deliver the most clean and cost-efficient energy system. Therefore, the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) is, and should remain, the main driver for fossil-free living for all people in Europe.

Further details on Vattenfall’s views are available in our position papers below.

Group position papers

Group positions are timeless papers reflecting Vattenfall's group view on how to set up policy in the best way in all our markets.

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