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Health and Safety

Vattenfall's purpose to enable fossil freedom that drives society forward can only be realised by operating in a safe, inspiring, and caring work environment for everyone working at and for Vattenfall. Therefore, Health and Safety is at the heart of Vattenfall’s strategy and a key component in running a sustainable business.

Health and Safety is managed in a systematic and proactive manner according to the principles of ISO 45001. Our goal is zero accidents, injuries or work-related ill-health, and we do not tolerate harassment of any kind.

World class Health and Safety is a strategic priority for us. We set the highest standards, never compromise, and have a strong culture of care for everyone working at, and for, Vattenfall.​

Achieving world class Health and Safety

At Vattenfall we are striving to achieve world class Health and Safety. What this means is that we have a mature and proactive company culture with a measurable, proven and excellent health and safety performance, putting us in the top three when benchmarked against our peers in the European energy sector.

Vattenfall has started implementing a three-year company-wide Health and Safety (H&S) strategy with 12 targets within four focus areas.

  1. Management accountability. Objective: To increase active and visible H&S leadership to lead employees and contractors towards healthy and safe performance.
  2. Contractor management. Objective: To create an integrated contractor management framework with H&S metrics to drive accountability for prevention of work-related injuries, illnesses and other harmful effects on the health and safety of our contractors.
  3. Healthy work environment. Objective: To continuously develop a healthy work environment in order to improve all aspects of health for Vattenfall employees.
  4. H&S culture. Objective: To strengthen culture with supporting processes and systems to further reduce the frequency and severity of work-related injuries, illnesses and eliminate fatalities at Vattenfall locations.

We follow up on progress via both leading (World class H&S plan fulfilment score, Health index) and lagging indicators (Lost Time Injury Frequency, Total Recordable Incident Frequency and Sick leave). H&S performance reports are created from top management level down to Business Areas and Business Unit levels.

Health and Safety policy

Health and Safety is at the heart of Vattenfall’s strategy.

Man in safety gear on a offshore wind turbine blade

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