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With Enerchain, Vattenfall Trading is engaged in developing blockchain for energy trading ...

The Solar Team tested a special developed radar for Nuna9S in safari park Beekse Bergen. Photo: Jan-Willem de Venster
Jan-Willem de Venster

Game radar installed in the world champ car for upcoming South African solar race.


Saturday was the big pride parade day in Stockholm and Hamburg with lots of Vattenfall emp...


There is a potential for solar power of up to five megawatts in total at Vattenfall’s pump...

Ringhals nuclear power plant in Sweden

After having been closed down since Tuesday evening, Swedish nuclear reactor Ringhals 2 wa...


After reactor 2 at the Swedish Ringhals nuclear power plant had been running at reduced ca...


Three solar farms in the Netherlands soon completed as part of Vattenfall’s 100 million eu...

First turbine installed at Horns Rev 3
Press release

First turbine installed at Vattenfall’s offshore wind farm Horns Rev 3

The first turbine at Vattenfall’s offshore wind farm Horns Rev 3 has been installed in the...

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