Board of directors

Audit Committee

Members of the Audit Committee are Fredrik Rystedt (chair), Håkan Erixon, Mats GranrydTomas Kåberger, Jenny Lahrin and Rolf Ohlsson (employee representative).

The Audit Committee oversees Vattenfall’s financial reporting and is responsible for meeting with Vattenfall AB’s external and internal auditors on a regular basis in order to stay informed about the planning, focus and scope of the company’s audit. The Audit Committee is also responsible for discussing coordination of the external and internal audit work and views of the company’s financial risks.

The Audit Committee has the right, on behalf of the Board, to decide on guidelines for other services than auditing that Vattenfall may procure from the Group’s auditors, as well as to decide on procurement in specific cases based on these guidelines.

The Audit Committee meets prior to Vattenfall’s publication of interim reports and when warranted by the prevailing conditions. The CFO and the Head of Internal Audit serve in a reporting role. The company’s external auditors attend all regular meetings.

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