Our environmental responsibility

To meet the unprecedented challenges we are facing, acceleration is needed. At Vattenfall we are ready to do our part.   

Good environmental performance is fundamental for the success of our business and environmental aspects are managed as an integrated part of our business. Our environmental policy states that we commit to become climate neutral, protect nature and biodiversity and that we will work towards a sustainable resource use. Our foundation is a strong and responsible environmental culture, with high emphasis on environmental management on all levels of the company and certified management systems, which we have for almost 100% of our energy production and energy management sites. To concretise how we work to deliver on our policy commitments we have developed the Vattenfall "Environmental action plan 2030" that defines our ambitions and targets for our environmental work.  


Our environmental policy

Vattenfall's environmental policy (PDF 207 kB)


Our environmental initiatives

Watch the video with Helle Herk-Hansen, Head of Environment, presenting our environmental commitments and what we do to deliver on them.

Vattenfall Environmental Action Plan 2030

Our key environmental actions for the next decade

Strengthened by our achievements so far, we will now continue the path we are on and ensure that we continuously deliver positive impact. Our Environmental Action Plan 2030 outlines key environmental actions for the next decade by setting both long-term 2030 ambitions for our focus areas, as well as shorter term targets and supporting activities.

Read more about our 2030 ambitions, targets and how we work within: 
Sustainable use of resources

News and press releases

Rooftop meadow. Photo: Urbio.
Photo: Urbio.

Vattenfall shares ideas for biodiversity enhancement

Against the serious backdrop of a global loss of biodiversity, Vattenfall has decided to share some of its experience within biodiversity in a catalogue of ideas for initiatives that can sup...

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Helle Herk-Hansen, Head of Environment at Vattenfall

Three questions for Helle Herk-Hansen on the subject of biodiversity

Vattenfall continually works to prevent or minimise negative impacts on biodiversity. Head of Environment Helle Herk-Hansen explains why and how.

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Bee flying with flowers in the background
Jens Winter

25 years in support of the environment with Vattenfall Umweltstiftung

25 years of financial support to small and medium-sized environmental projects was celebrated at Vattenfall’s Hamburg head office.

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