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Vattenfall’s Customers & Solutions business provides electricity, gas and energy solutions to retail and business customers, with 10.1 million customer contracts in Europe.

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Vattenfall is a market leader in the retail and business segments in Sweden (nearly 900,000 electricity contracts) and in the Netherlands (3.8 million electricity and gas contracts). In Germany we supply electricity and gas to retail customers (3.9 million contracts) and to the business segment with a focus on property companies. In the cities of Berlin and Hamburg we are a market leader in the electricity retail segment, while in Denmark, Finland and France we are a challenger in the market for sales of electricity and in France also for gas. More than 22,000 electric vehicle charging points are connected to our InCharge platform. We offer a broad range of decentralised solutions in most of our markets and are one of the largest providers of energy solutions in the Netherlands through our subsidiary Feenstra, with 875,000 customer contracts.


Being close to customers is a prerequisite to be able to capitalise on the growth in electrification and new business models that are emerging from the energy transition. Vattenfall's ambition is to be a leading customer-centric company, providing a wide range of sustainable energy solutions and services to retail and business customers.

We are a driver of decarbonisation by helping our customers to live a climatesmart life and contributing to their safety and comfort. We offer sustainable and efficient products and services based on customers’ individual energy needs with a focus on smart, data-driven solutions, decentralised production and novel customer interaction models with the aim to achieve significant market size. We are aiming to be the leading operator of EV charging points in northwest Europe.

We leverage Vattenfall’s fossil-free generation to offer a diversified commodity portfolio that covers an increasing share of fossil-free electricity and certified Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). We are also gradually phasing in renewable gas in our offering as it becomes available in the respective markets. To stay competitive in commodity trading, our focus is on growing our customer base while reducing the cost to serve.

Vattenfall strives to optimise the customer experience by accelerating digitalisation and offering bundled and integrated solutions. We meet our customers where they want and make it easy for them to manage their energy needs, often solving their queries with a single click. In doing so we hope our customers will actively recommend us and thereby help us grow our business.

More about Customers & Solutions

Read more about Business Area Customers & Solutions in the Annual and sustainability report.

Key data

  2020 2019
Net sales (SEK million) 86,298 89,859
External net sales (SEK million) 84,661 87,343
Underlying operating profit1 (SEK million) 2,146 1,337
Sales of electricity (TWh) 95.8 89.5
– of which, private customers 26.3 28.0
– of which, resellers 8.0 6.5
– of which, business customers 61.5 55.0
Sales of gas (TWh) 52.1 54.2
Net Promoter Score (NPS) relative
to competitors2
+2 +1
  1. Operating profit excluding items affecting comparability.
  2. NPS was reported for the first time in 2016. 

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