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Business Area Customers & Solutions

Customers & Solutions provides electricity, gas, heat and energy solutions – including fossil-free electricity and biomethane – to retail and business customers, with more than 11 million customer contracts in Europe. 

A young woman with her bike on a street in central Stockholm

We aspire to be the decarbonisation partner of choice.

We are one of the market leaders in the retail and business segments in Sweden (0.9 million electricity contracts) and the Netherlands (4.5 million electricity and gas contracts) and are among the leading energy suppliers in Germany (5.3 million gas and electricity contracts). In Denmark and Finland, we are a market challenger for sales of electricity, and in France for electricity and gas. We also deliver district heating in the UK, Sweden and in the Netherlands to household equivalents of more than 0,5 million. 
We operate around 60,000 charging points throughout Europe and offer e-mobility charging solutions for people’s homes and businesses, as well as public charging in towns and cities across our Swedish, Dutch, and German markets.  
We operate advanced smart charging solutions that support stable grids and the energy transformation. We also offer a broad range of decentralised decarbonisation solutions such as heat pumps and solar panels. 

Strategy and targets

We aspire to be the decarbonisation partner of choice and support our customers in the transition to fossil-free energy. In addition to providing customers fossil-free electricity options across markets, we are actively investing in our heating decarbonisation offerings, including fossil-free gas and heat pumps for B2C customers, and developing solutions for and with our B2B customers. 
We aim to become the preferred district heating partner to cities and stakeholders, providing efficient, low CO2-emitting solutions to the energy transformation. We want to grow both in heating on-grid and off-grid and as a provider of flexibility and stability to the power grids. 
We invest in becoming a leading operator of e-mobility charging points in north-western Europe. We provide flexibility services that help customers optimise their energy consumption and balance the energy grid. 
We offer a wide range of smart, data-driven, and decentralised sustainable energy solutions and services to private and business customers and continue our efforts within the electrification of transport and industry as well as decarbonisation in our continental markets. 

More about Customers & Solutions

Read more about Business Area Customers & Solutions in the Annual and sustainability report.

Key data

  2023 2022
Net sales (SEK million) 216,339 183,151
External net sales (SEK million) 207,303 174,026
Underlying operating profit1 (SEK million) 7,566 7,413
Sales of electricity (TWh) 113.5 93.5
– of which, private customers 27.6 27.1
– of which, resellers 36.3 20.7
– of which, business customers 49.6 45.7
Sales of gas (TWh) 44.1 46.4
Net Promoter Score (NPS) absolute2 +11 +16

1. Operating profit excluding items affecting comparability.
2. Weighted 80% from Customers & Solutions and 20% from Heat. For definition, see page 200 in the Annual and sustainability report.

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