Clashindarroch II Wind Farm Proposal

Located near to Huntly, Aberdeenshire, the proposal consists of 14 turbines, each with up to a 6MW capacity and with a tip height of 180m.

Planning consent

Proposals for Clashindarroch II were submitted into the planning process in January 2020, and consent was awarded in June 2023. 

The 77MW scheme would consist of 14 new turbines, each with around a 6 megawatt (MW) capacity. The turbines are expected to produce enough fossil-free electricity to meet the equivalent demand of more than 55,000 UK households, and annually prevent more than 70,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere.

Clashindarroch Wind Farm, Aberdeenshire

Clashindarroch Wind Farm, Aberdeenshire

Reaching net zero

Scotland has set its goal to reach net zero by 2045, and renewable energy projects such as this will provide the platform for the decarbonisation  of homes, businesses and transport needed to reach this ambition. Onshore wind can make a significant contribution, and we can deploy more powerful turbines than ever before.


Wildcats at Clashindarroch

Find out more about the work Vattenfall is doing to protect the Scottish Wildcat habitat during the development of the Clashindarroch II Wind Farm Proposal.

Wildcats at Clashindarroch

Clashindarroch Wind Farm

Clashindarroch’s 18 x 2.05MW turbines give the wind farm a total installed capacity of 36.9MW and an estimated annual production output of 114,469 MWh - the equivalent of the energy required to power 27,000 homes per annum.

Community investment

For five years the Clashindarroch Wind Farm Community Fund has invested £185,000 per annum in the local area, with a strong focus on preserving and enhancing the natural environment, promoting rural regeneration and celebrating the area's heritage.


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Clashindarroch II Wind Farm
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Clashindarroch Wind Farm, Aberdeenshire

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