Ourack Wind Farm

Vattenfall have now submitted an application to the Scottish Government for the Ourack wind farm project.

The project includes 18 turbines with a blade tip height of 180m and could generate enough energy to power the equivalent of 64,000 UK homes, making an essential contribution towards climate change targets, whilst also generating low-cost renewable energy.

The full Environmental Impact Assessment Report can be accessed on the Scottish Government Energy Consents Unit website here

The Notice which sets out further details regarding the application and how it can be viewed or purchased can be found here.

Representations should be made to the Energy Consents Unit of the Scottish Government by the 20th December 2022.

Community Benefit Survey

After discussion with local community groups a number of key issues have been identified that could be helpful in guiding any community benefit programme towards addressing local priorities.

A community benefit survey was carried out across January and February 2022 to consult on the local priorities identified. Feedback on the key issues and objectives for funding was very positive, with some additional issues suggested for consideration.

There was support for a funding-model to include some upfront funding in the early stages of the project and we look forward to further discussions with the local communities on these options.

Download the scoping report

The scoping report can be viewed and downloaded here.


A number of documents have been prepared and published as part of the process, among these a feedback report.

Why wind power?

Scotland has set its goal to reach net zero by 2045, and renewable energy projects such as Ourack Wind Farm will provide the platform for the decarbonisation of homes, businesses and transport needed to reach this ambition. Onshore wind can make a significant contribution, and we can deploy more powerful turbines than ever before.

Onshore wind is now the cheapest way to generate electricity of any kind. Across the UK, there is already around 14GW of onshore wind built and it is now one of the cornerstones of the UK electricity mix. It is estimated that by 2030, 30GW of onshore and offshore wind will be required to meet our climate targets at the lowest cost to the consumer.

Onshore wind also brings benefits to host communities and the broader economy. We will offer a community investment package in line with prevailing Scottish Government guidance for local communities to invest in the priorities which matter to them. Across the economy, there are many opportunities for Scottish businesses to get involved ranging from environmental studies and civil engineering through to site security and catering.     

Vattenfall has a strong commitment to working with the local supply chain and we aim to procure 60% of components and labour for our projects from within Scotland. If you think your business could supply Ourack Wind Farm or any of our other projects, please let us know.


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