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Battery storage systems

Integration of electricity from wind and solar power

Vattenfall also offers batteries as fossil-free storage solutions. With battery storage, industrial customers can manage their consumption more flexibly by capping peak loads, with the so-called peak shaving. Peakshaving is a technique that lowers power consumption in times of maximum demand and thus reduces costs. In areas with weak supply, Vattenfall uses large batteries to increase capacity at peak times in order to avoid expensive grid expansion, or when waiting for transmission system operator (TSO) grid expansions, for example in the Swedish city of Uppsala.  

Battery storage systems have the potential to play a key role in integrating renewable energy into the power grid. Vattenfall operates large battery storage systems in combination with wind and solar parks at several locations in Europe. These combined systems, also known as hybrid parks, balance the feed-in for greater stability of the power grid. Vattenfall’s newly built Haringvliet Energy Park in the Netherlands is the largest hybrid park in Europe.

Examples of projects:



Vattenfall is constructing an unique battery storage facility in Uppsala, Sweden.

Pen y Cymoedd

A 22MW battery is operational at Europe's largest onshore wind farm Pen y Cymoedd.

Princess Alexia

At the Princess Alexia wind farm in the Netherlands, 88 BMW batteries have been connected to form a mega battery for storing electricity from wind energy.


Together with the Swedish battery manufacturer Northvolt, Vattenfall is developing a modular battery system as an alternative to diesel generators.

Boliden and Landskrona Energi

Vattenfall, Boliden and Landskrona Energi, with support from the Swedish Energy Agency, are conducting a two-year research project and investing in a new battery storage facility in Landskrona.


In Hamburg, Vattenfall operates a battery storage facility in connection with a wind farm to stabilise the grid.

Mobile batteries

Batteries are also suitable for mobile deployment. A mobile battery storage system from Vattenfall allowed snowmobiles and electric vehicles at the 2019 World Ski Championships to be charged with carbon-free power at all times.

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