Board of directors

Remuneration Committee

Members of the Remuneration Committee are Åsa Söderström Winberg (chair), Viktoria Bergman, Ann Carlsson and Lars G Nordström.

The most important duties are:

  • to conduct drafting work for board decisions on matters regarding remuneration principles, and on remuneration and other terms of employment for members of the Executive Group Management and other senior executives
  • to monitor and evaluate application of the guidelines for remuneration of senior executives, which the AGM, by law, is required to decide on as well as the applicable remuneration structures and levels of remuneration in the company
  • to conduct drafting work for the Board’s decisions on overarching remuneration principles, such as the general existence of, amount and structure of variable remuneration (for employees who are not senior executives).

The CEO serves in a reporting role on the Remuneration Committee.

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