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Black legged kittiwake (seabird)

Unique study: birds avoid wind turbine blades

Most importantly, during two years of monitoring using cameras and radar, not a single bird was recorded colliding with a rotor blade.

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Charging electric rubbish truck. Photo: Karen Rosetzsky
Photo: Karen Rosetzsky

Silent revolution as Copenhagen’s rubbish trucks go electric

For the residents of the Danish capital, and for refuse collectors, electric trucks bring a much-improved working environment.

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Final repository for spent nuclear fuel

Finland to open the world’s first final repository for spent nuclear fuel

The Finnish final repository for spent nuclear fuel is being built using the method developed by Swedish Nuclear Fuel Management Company SKB. The repository is expected to receive its first ...

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Johanna Lindgren

House of the midnight sun – energy efficiency north of the Arctic Circle

The rugged mining community of Kiruna is one of Sweden’s northernmost cities. In winter, temperatures drop below -30 degrees Celsius. Despite the extreme cold, buildings here are more energy...

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Fusion, abstract illustration

Excess energy from fusion – “A major breakthrough”

Now, for the first time, there is good reason to believe that fusion power at scale could become a reality.

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How does a small modular reactor look? These three visualisations have been created by the Gottlieb Paludan architects for potential design of SMRs for the Nucelerate West feasibility study

Modular nuclear reactors, the next big thing

Modular nuclear reactors are believed to play a central role in the energy transition when the world moves away from fossil fuels for its power supply.

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