Vattenfall in the UK

Vattenfall has been investing in the UK since 2008.

We have grown our wind business from one project in 2008 to 11 today. Standing on the shoulders of these gentle giants, we have recently started new businesses in heat, transport, power networks and retail. All are determined to make fossil free living possible in one generation.

Vattenfall has been investing in the UK for over ten years.

We want to do all we can to make that happen. As the UK economy seeks fossil free solutions in the way we heat and power our buildings and make our journeys, the need for greater amounts of electricity from renewables is going to grow significantly.

Our new businesses

In 2017, we announced a new retail business selling power to businesses, this was quickly followed by the acquisition of iSupplyEnergy which sells power and gas to households and small businesses. Then in 2018 came Vattenfall Networks which will provide independent distribution services to businesses and public bodies. Not long after we launched InCharge, our electric vehicle charging infrastructure business. And then, Vattenfall Energy Solutions was open for business in late 2018, joining up its district heating business with all the other services and products that Vattenfall provides.

Vattenfall. Electric car charging at home. Electric car charging points for business. Partner with InCharge. Renewable energy association member. InCharge Electric Driving.

Accelerating the change to electric driving.

iSupplyEnergy - energy supply in the UK

Vattenfall’s UK energy retail business

Worker at Boden Hydro Plant

Vattenfall Networks Ltd own and maintain electric network infrastructure.

Joining up energy solutions

We believe our products and services are even more compelling to the customer if we provide tailored energy solutions. An integrated approach to power, heat, transport and networks can, where appropriate, offer a lower carbon footprint, greater reliability and excellent value.


We are determined to help all of customers live and operate fossil free within one generation. Innovation is essential if the way we produce and use energy is low carbon and affordable. We have a strong UK record of supporting innovation and research.

Free from fossil fuels in the UK

Vattenfall has been generating electricity free from fossil fuels since 2006 following the acquisition of Kentish Flats. In 2008, Vattenfall started to build wind farms off the UK coast and on land.

Our investment

With £3.5bn invested, we now operate more than 1GW of wind and solar power capacity. Our 11 wind farms have ensured that the emission of more than 5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide has been avoided. With another 4GW in our pipeline, there is hopefully more that we can do to support the move to net zero by 2050.

A diverse workforce

Vattenfall is committed to employing people from diverse backgrounds and a variety of experience. Different people with different perspectives create the conditions for a better business. We believe this leads to a more enjoyable and rewarding way of working.

Danielle Lane, UK Country Manager

Danielle Lane was appointed Vattenfall’s UK Country Manager in summer 2018. The transactions specialist brings 19-years of experience working in the UK wind industry. As well as UK Country Manager, Danielle is Director of Portfolio and Transactions Offshore, aiming to grow our offshore wind pipeline.

Danielle Lane, Vattenfall’s UK Country Manager

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Parc Cynog wind and solar farm

By 2030, our projects could be delivering electricity to 5 million UK homes.