Aultmore Wind Farm Redesign

Vattenfall is in the final stages of redesigning its consented Aultmore Wind Farm scheme, approximately 6km north of Keith and 7km south of Buckie in Moray, Scotland. 

The 105.6MW project could generate enough fossil free electricity each year for around 117,000 homes & deliver around £18.4 million in community benefit over its 35-year life cycle.

Wind farm location map

The site lies on a raised plateau of land across several low-lying hills and consists predominantly of commercial forestry in an area known as Aultmore Forest.

Redesigning the wind farm

Aultmore Wind Farm was consented by Moray Council in 2014 as a 13-turbine, 29MW scheme. Since then, significant advances in turbine technology have taken place with more powerful turbines becoming available. By redesigning the site, the proposed 16-turbine 105.6MW scheme could generate enough fossil free electricity annually for around 117,000 homes, almost four times that of the original scheme’s 22,000 homes.

The project is also predicted to offset more than 177,000 tonnes of carbon emissions each year, making an important contribution to Scotland’s legally binding net zero targets and helping towards tackling climate change.

Scoping Report

A Scoping Report was submitted in November 2021 to the Scottish Government, as well as other key consultees, seeking feedback on the proposed scope of environmental work which will help inform the redesign.

Engagement and Consultation

Since the project was first announced in November 2021, we have been engaging with key stakeholders and the local community.

We have written to key stakeholders, produced newsletters for local residents, engaged with the local community and met with local Community Councils and key anchor groups. 

News about the project

Our project team held public exhibitions in March 2022 to present the early design and gather feedback from the community – followed by a final set of public exhibitions in August 2023.

Public Exhibitions

All of the key exhibition information presented at the recent August exhibitions can be viewed by clicking this link


Community Benefit

Vattenfall invests more than £3 million each year into local communities hosting wind farm projects. This investment comes in many forms but is typically delivered as an annual cash payment to communities closest to the wind farm, for the operational lifetime of the project.

If consented, the redesigned Aultmore Wind Farm proposal could provide a community benefit fund of around £528,000 each year to the local community.

In September 2023, we held a community benefit workshop for local Community Councils and key anchor groups in response to the high level of interest in the potential benefit that the project could deliver to the area. Please  click here to read our Community Benefit Fund Workshop Report, which summarises the workshop and key findings, for more information.

What's next?

Based on the current project programme we are expecting to submit a Section 36 application to the Scottish Government early in 2024. The Scottish Government will be the determining authority for the redesigned scheme, rather than Moray Council, due to the installed capacity being over 50MW. 

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Vattenfall is one of Europe’s leading energy suppliers with 20,000 employees. Owned by the Swedish state, for over a century we have worked to electrify society. 
Over the last decade we’ve had an extensive presence in the UK, growing our wind business from one project in 2008 to 10 today and investing more than £3.5billion in enough wind to power 850,000 homes. 
Today, Vattenfall is driven by the ambition to enable fossil free living that drives society foreward. We believe that fossil freedom will benefit society, local communities and biodiversity as well as tackling climate change. We are not just phasing out fossil-emissions from our own operations, we are working in close partnerships with our customers to help them do the same. We have more than 100 years of experience of innovation, and a large and growing portfolio of sustainable and fossil-free electricity.  
We also have clear values and a strong ethos that places emphasis on working closely with local communities to make sure that we are developing projects which can bring a lasting sustainable benefit to the community and future generations. 

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The UK (and Scotland specifically) has some of the best wind resource in Europe, with around 14GW of onshore wind installed now in the UK. Onshore wind now one of the cornerstones of the UK electricity mix. It is estimated that by 2030, 30GW of onshore wind will be required to meet our climate targets at the lowest cost to the consumer.

Onshore wind is one of the most established renewable technologies and plays an important role in meeting net zero targets because it:

·         increases energy security by reducing reliance on imports

·         is quicker to build than, for example, offshore wind

·         has a short carbon payback time (usually 1-3 years)

·         is one of the cheapest forms of electricity generation.

Advancements in turbine technology as well as energy storage solutions mean that sites can now generate significantly greater outputs and offset much greater levels of carbon emissions. As such, optimising sites like Aultmore could play an important role in the transition to a greener, low-carbon economy.

Onshore wind also brings benefits to host communities and the broader economy. The community investment package for the redesigned Aultmore Wind Farm is in line with prevailing Scottish Government guidance and will enable local communities to invest in the priorities which matter to them.  

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